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Roxana Damas

Roxana Damas is an expert consultant to small businesses, non-profits, corporations looking to expand on social responsibility. She is skilled experience in economic empowerment, language access, and community engagement projects. Roxana’s key strengths are in building systems change (for social services and policy), operations, and reworking business models to include the intersectionality between industries from public, private, and non-profit sectors. Her unique blend of training and work experience in the fields of business administration, public and international relations, immigration, public policy, human rights, social services, gender issues, educational programs, and violence prevention are assets in creating business innovation, start-ups, and uniquely designed new projects. Her specialized training and commitment to empower youth and underserved communities have led her to be a sought-after public speaker and frequent co-host of a variety of events, radio, and TV shows. Also, Roxana’s reach and management include both regional to international projects. Roxana’s talents and passions continue beyond business, education, and community advocacy to the arts and entertainment industry. She is the founder of Diversity RD Global and has been in the consulting business for over 20 years.  Roxana has also been a co-host to a financial empowerment segment on Mundo Fox & TV Estrella Northern CA. Roxana holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of CA Davis and a Trans-Global MBA from the Saint Mary’s College of California.

She is a United Nations Empower Women Champion, Named top 25 BeVisible Latinx, Hispanic Business Leader Of The Year by the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Google’s first Latino business case study and featured as Latinas Changing the World representing Google at LATISM. Roxana has been recognized by many organizations and continues to be involved in many activities in her community and abroad as a board member to the United Nations Association East Bay.  She continues to be dedicated to working with diversity in any industry and is successfully leading her UN Women’s Economic Empowerment project with multiple partners and thousands of women around the world to lear more visit www.weegloballive.com

Aurora Betancourt

Aurora is an enterprising, progressive and motivated Senior Administration and Operations Management professional with a history of combining sound business acumen and thoughtful leadership to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and functionality. She is proficient at generating initiative aimed at high-value and cost-effective services. Specialties involve Finance, Accounting, and Operations for small business to 2500 employee organizations. She has worked as an Operations Manager for most of her career and as a Regional Manager for a healthcare organization. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and her Executive MBA from St. Mary’s College of California.

Isabel Saenz-Conz

Isabel Saenz-Conz is an accomplished marketing and communications professional with years of experience in both private and public sectors. She has worked in Fortune 100 companies like Genentech, BlackRock and Charles Schwab in San Francisco, California, as well as international organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Isabel co-founded the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum, a community of diverse international organizations dedicated to share resources and give visibility to projects and initiatives directed or founded by women. Isabel has worked as a pro-bono consultant for education nonprofit organizations in Washington DC and New York and served as the Co-Chair of the HeForShe Event Planning Committee of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women – San Francisco Chapter. She is currently interested in moving the needle for diversity and inclusion in areas like technology and entrepreneurship.

Isabel holds a Masters in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Georgetown University and a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from Universidad de las Americas in Quito, Ecuador. She is passionate about education, innovation and mindfulness and hopes to create positive social impact with her work on women economic empowerment issues.

Kendra Harris

Kendra Harris is a highly accomplished government relations professional with over 13 years of experience in lobbying, policy analysis, and crisis management. She is a strategic thinker with an extensive background managing government and non-profit policy agendas, contract lobbyists, professional staffs and political action committees (PAC). She is skilled in developing bi-partisan legislation, coalition building, and public/community affairs. Kendra has extensive policy experience with education policy, health, and human services, local government, the welfare of women and girls and issues involving equality, diversity, and social justice movements.

Jhordy Saucedo

Jhordy is a  Sacramento, California native; He is a multi-talented professional  highly skilled in technology. His expertise begins with graphic design alongside with web design. Jhordy’s versatility begins to shine in his work of photography and videography. Starting his photography/videography/graphic and web design side business, Hoot Productions, his skills in the arts shows his master of creativity and his passion for photography. Hoot Productions caters to all media needs, specializing in events.

Jhordy’s tech, photography, and design talents as an integral part of the RGD Enterprises/ Diversity RD Global projects to serve both our in-house productions and client needs. Technology is part of everyday life, and he has incorporated it into his daily activities building computers and audio and tech management. Jhordy is always up for a challenge. He continues to work with Kaiser Permanente, studies psychology at Sacramento State and CRC, and is part of the tech management team at Diversity RD Global. His background in both technologies, health, community service is a perfect fit to support companies that need to build multicultural and digital multi-service operations.

Jose Velasquez

Jose is a marketer born and raised in El Salvador academically trained in multi-cultural marketing. He has a wide variety of natural abilities, insights, and professional training that helps him forecast and oversees what the next steps of upcoming marketing trends, tools, and the skills that are necessary to make any product/ service visible and profitable.

Jose’s work experience at the General Consulate of El Salvador and his pop culture enthusiast background make him a unique and skilled character in every project. From finding hashtags that could be both relatable in English and Spanish and the ability to see what is in style and how to make a “trending topic/hashtag” beneficial for any social media campaign. His creativity has further launched him to explore graphic design with an uncanny and efficient ability to create multiple visual campaigns across major social media platforms internally and for all of our clients. His desire to represent both the Latino, the Latino subcultures, and multicultural messaging makes him an asset to the worlds of English and Spanish languages, as well as the millennial audience.

Jose also has a background in customer service, translations, event coordination, and community advocacy working with immigrant and LGBTQ communities. His experience in real estate and business administration bookkeeping has also prepared him to understand the critical role marketing plays on return on investments of any company and how to make cost-effective marketing campaign decisions. His great active, strategic, creative, efficient, and vibrant personality contributes significantly to any team.

Julianna Aguilar

Julianna Aguilar is a Bay Area native who believes in empowering and uplifting underserved communities. Her business experience starts with ther family business and it has prepared her to work with women and communities of color who want to thrive in business operations. Julianna is professionally trained in early childhood education and is committed to helping childcare providers and educators improve services and advocacy for providers. She is a dedicated and passionate advocate for helping the people in her community. Any day you will find Julianna supporting homeless prevention programs, to social justic advocacy, and/ or working with translation and economic empowerment projects. Julianna is an event planner by nature, as well as by the family business trade. Her event planning skills are critical to any community or corporate client.

Victor Ayala

Victor is a broadcast media expert in the San Francisco Bay Area market. He has over 10 years of experience as an information systems analyst, network administrator and graphic designer to major media outlets such as KTVU Fox, KICU, KPIX, CBS.  He also owns a full media production company that focuses on the music entertainment industry to produce commercials, music videos, websites and promotional material.

Our Interns

Ana Susy

Lenora Quinonez

Global Team

Latin America

Gema Landaverde

Gema is an expert in technology security. She is a computer engineer with over 15 years of professional experience. Gema holds various certifications in security (ISO 27001). She has also collaborated on large projects for corporations to strengthen their security both on the strategic and technical levels. Gema has been a leader for projects in ethical hacking, risk, analytics, regulations, compliance and audit systems. Her work goes beyond technology. She has worked in business development, team management, and communications. Gema is currently leading multiple corporate social responsibility projects and  the digital strategy of WEE Global Live for Diversity RD Global.

Ana Luz Guadron Duran

Ana Luz is an Economist Trained in UNIVERSITAT DE LES ILLES BALEARS Palma of Mallorca, Spain. She is a Professor in Economics in the University Francisco Gavidia in El Salvador. She is a senior consultant for a variety of firms such as CENTROMYPE in topics of tech and e-commerce and extensive experience working with national banks such as Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador for project funding streams, business sustainability, market and segment analysis to name a few areas of her business knowledge base.

Part of  Ms. Guadron’s background also includes developing assessments of the country of El Salvador Tourism assets in partnership with MITUR- CORSATUR. Ana Luz background in financial development tools makes her a sought-after professional in business development both for public and private institutions. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of business development that expands to her family’s small business, agricultural projects, and coaching new business owners. Her current role as a senior consultant to the Diversity RD Global team is critical to the growth of their global signature event “WEE Global Live” and projects in Latin America and Africa.

Alexandra Mangandi Henriquez

Alexandra is an attorney, women’s rights activist, and human rights advocate. Ms. Mangandi has specialized training in human rights cases to be presented to the United Nations level. As an activist, she has worked to develop front-line support to women in El Salvador specifically in San Salvador and Santa Ana. Currently, she works in the private sector as an attorney in the insurance fields but continues her advocacy work with a variety of organizations.  Ms. Mangandi is part of the legal counsel team to support Alquimia Global in El Salvador and to the Latin American regional services.

*Diversity RD Global – has partner consultants in strategic industries and areas of the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. More consultant bios to come…